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One of the things I'm most grateful for is that I'm living my life free. Free of loose ends, free of bondages, free of anxiety, confusion, and self-doubt. But getting there was a process. There was a series of setbacks and difficulties...really hard things that are just, sometimes, life. But I learned how to bounce...and because of that, my setbacks are now comebacks. And in my comebacks, I've grown increasingly passionate about helping others live free. Look around...bondages and restraints and hopelessness are everywhere. And so I've decided to set about teaching the art and the gift of the "bounce." The comeback is all about the bounce...and it can be taught and learned. And, of course, the ultimate bounce-back comes through Jesus. I can't wait to tell you all about it!


After years of teaching high school English and lots of literature, I decided that I didn't want to always just talk about other people's writing. I wanted to write my own stuff. The stuff I felt like God was really placing on my heart to share. And so I started blogging...still do that. And I started sharing my musings on facebook, started publishing articles here & there, and finally, I decided it was time to write all of God's promptings and lessons to me in a book that I believe can be helpful to others. That book is called "Bounce" and will be released, if all goes as planned, in the latter part of 2018. I can't wait for you to read it! I've poured a lot of stuff that I believe God wants you to read in there. In the meantime, please check out my blogs, vlogs, and facebook page. I update those all the time and want to connect with you!


A teacher never really stops teaching. 

There's so much I've learned that I hope, by sharing, will save others some grief and frustration. And there's nothing quite like a personal, face-to-face connection.  So I still get out there and speak, teach, and share. All kinds of things come up...sharing my testimony, retreats, youth groups, luncheons, church services, seminars. I've even shared with medical students at a university and future teachers at a couple of colleges. If someone's gracious enough to have me, I love sharing. Please feel free to contact me here or through facebook, email, or by phone to check availability. 

I can't wait to see you!



What has been your greatest setback?

Or maybe you've had a series of setbacks?

The good news is that setbacks are just your set-up for comebacks. But in order to come back, you have to be able to bounce.

Surviving and rebounding from life's hardest times is all about the bounce. You can learn that! And I can teach you. There are specified attributes that lend themselves well to bouncing back and I've got lots of experience in those that I can help you with. Ultimately, your "bounce" is going to come through Jesus, and there are loads of promises in God's living Word about that. I'd love to share it all with you!

loose ends

Ever been anxious?

Ever felt like life is just too overwhelming?

I have. And, for the longest time, I didn't think there was a way out of it. One of many things that I've learned...from God and from some pretty great people He's brought into my life...is that most of life's anxiety comes from loose ends. Once we really start to examine our lives, we'll typically see loose ends everywhere. And when we just keep moving along to the next thing never tying those loose ends up, our internal "bucket" of anxiety and distress just keeps filling. It's not until we go back to some of those circumstances...that difficult relationship we haven't handled....that job we quit without notice...those people we've never called back...those debts we didn't settle...those bad conversations we've never apologized for...and rectify them and put them to bed that we can truly move on in peace. Those loose ends gnaw at our souls and must be tied up so we can live free. Let me show you how!


I have had the pleasure and gift of time and training to blog and write to my heart's content. I'm so thankful for that. Some of those things may seem useless musings to some, but some of them are nuggets of experience shared that have brought relief and hope to others. I love, love, love that I get the chance to do that. All that to say, anything I've written about or shared about online, in blogs or articles or even on facebook, I'm more than happy to speak about. Additionally, if you have a specific topic for a particular event that you need a speaker for, I'm certainly willing and able to construct a custom message for just such a thing. It would need to be discussed and decided upon in advance, of course. Just get in touch with me! We'll figure it out. But my heart is to bring lots of experience and hard-earned wisdom to you to help in some way. Can't wait to hear from you!


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